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Jonathan Dzik, Music Conductor

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Our year is divided into two seasons of weekly rehearsals. The fall/winter season begins in September and runs through December /January; the winter/spring session begins in late January or early February and runs through May. Dues are $30 per season.

Each season culminates with approximately five performances. Our repertoire includes standard and novel arrangements of choral works that convey the spirit of the season and the theme of the concert. Selections are generally in Hebrew, Yiddish, and English, but we have sung in Ladino and Italian as well. Transliterations are provided for all non-English lyrics.

Most of our music is arranged in four voice parts—soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. Generally, the soprano and alto parts are sung by women and the tenor and bass parts are sung by men, but our tenor section includes several women whose voices are more comfortably in the tenor range.

The goal of the group is to achieve beautiful performances while sharing the joy of contributing to a musical ensemble. Meeting this goal requires regular attendance at rehearsals, thorough familiarity with the music, ongoing attention to the conductor during rehearsals and performances, and courtesy to fellow members at all times.

Prospective members are subject to an evaluation by the choir director to determine the appropriate voice part and to ensure that the candidate is able to meet certain basic musical requirements, such as accurately replicating several notes and rhythms.

Please address your questions about membership to our choir director
Dr. Jonathan Dzik jfdzik326@aol.com or 718-549-8520.

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